After 3 years, it's time to say farewell to the temporary layout sections. The last couple of days I've spent dismantling wiring and trackwork, as well as tidying up and removing all the clutter that has been accumulating on top of the layout over time.

The sections were designed as a temporary solution all from the start, and nothing is glued together, only screwed. An electric screwdriver with T10 and T20 bits is all that is needed, plus a utility knife to cut the cork trackbed where it crosses the plywood sections:

Simple dismantling of the sections.
As I dismantle the sections, I sort all the hardware in plastic bins for future use. The plywood pieces are as good as new (except for the screw holes), and only the cork roadbed is discarded as it is fastened with caulk and difficult to remove without damaging it:
Sorting hardware for future use.
I have to admit that dismantling all the sections is kind of an anti climax, but at the same time I choose to look at it as a blank slate and a fresh new start. There are many new and exiting possibilities waiting!
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