In February 2010, I started building my first sectional layout; a point-to-point shelf layout in a small storage room measuring 2 by 3 meters, with the door located on one of the short walls. 3 sections along one long wall would form a small terminus with a turntable, various industrial tracks and a railway ferry connection, and the other sections would follow the walls around the room, ending in a staging yard along the opposite wall.

The sections for the terminus was built, but in 2011 we bought a house and moved, thus negating the basis for the original plans.

The idea behind a sectional/modular layout is dismantling and relocation, and so my emphasis was on low weight and easy handling, and I got a lot of inspiration from various articles by Iain Rice. The old sections were eventually incorporated into the planning of a slightly larger layout in the new house, and will be used as part of my current layout project.

I begin the new Hjemstad Line blog with a small retrospective and the original track plan, as well as some pics from the construction of the old sections:

Original track plan

Section 1 under construction

Section 1 in operation, scenery yet to be done

Section 2 under construction

Section 2 in operation, scenery yet to be done

Section 3 under construction

Section 3 in operation, scenery yet to be done

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