A few years ago I started building a small H0n30 layout. I got as far as getting the layout working, even though the framework was only a piece of styrofoam with the track temporarily pinned down, and all the wiring only fastened with tape on the underside:

Test layout

This was only supposed to be a temporary test layout, but as the trackplan works very well and the layout itself is very space saving, it's about time to make it a more permanent setup.

I will keep the trackplan and the tracks as they are laid, but the framework will be new and lightweight and built with plywood. The styrofoam piece measures only 60 x 120 cm (approx. 24" x 48"), and so the new framework will be slightly larger to allow for some scenery outside the track.

I will also improve the electrical pickup through the turnouts and put some more weight into the engine, as these have been the two biggest challenges. Over time I also hope to fit a decoder in the engine, but for now this will be an regular DC layout.

I still can't believe that this is 1:87, it's so tiny next to all my H0 stuff... !

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