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Half done diorama

Above: This is how the diorama looked after Vigdis put on a layer of Husfix and glued on the side panels. To get a little more "life" and variation to the forest bottom and ground elsewhere, a thin layer of soil was sprinkled on. This layer was soaked with water with a little detergent, and then fixed with diluted glue applied with a pipette. The soil was picked right outside our door, it was dried and crushed into smaller pieces before being baked in the oven for a while and then sieved into several different grades. The finest gradation is almost like flour, this was used in the tire tracks on the dirt road. Finally, vegetation was applied in several layers, using various materials from Woodland Scenics.

The outhouse was scratch built based on various photos, but without specific measurements or drawings. For the wall framing was used 1 x 1mm styrene, the boards are 0.25 x 2mm, and the struts at the front door and on top of the roof is 0.25 x 1mm. The hinges are cut from thin cardboard, and the toilet paper is made of 2-layer lens paper for cleaning photographic equipment, only one of the layers used:


All the trees and shrubs on the diorama are made from Heki Natural Trees, the bushes in the picture are mostly leftovers from the bottom of the box that have been dipped in glue and sprinkled with ground foam. Mountains and rocks are plaster castings that are glued in place and "washed" with thinned earth colors:

At the railroad crossing

Fishing Shack from Bar Mills is a rather simple kit that’s suitable for those who would like to try on a laser cut wood kit, we think it fits very well in the setting of the diorama. Roofing felt and wall shingles are self-adhesive paper strips, the shadow effect between the shingles is made with a very gentle coat of diluted black paint, and the rest of the weathering is done by dry brushing with black and white:

Bar Mills fishing shack

Bar Mills fishing shack

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