Almost 3 years ago, the layout was prepared for planting, with gardening soil covered with weed cloth and a top layer of bark. Now, the next step is highly overdue, and this weekend I went to a local Garden center and did some shopping!

As the layout will be runable and somewhat presentable in wintertime, I will have many evergreens, and to avoid replanting every spring I have chosen perennials. Most of my perennials are low and used for groundcover as they spread outwards, but I also have some growing taller, combined with ornamental grass as an eye-catcher.

I must admit that I have zero knowledge on plants, and the gardeners at the Garden center made all the selections. I told them what I was looking for and showed some pictures of the layout, and they thought it was a very exciting project. I actually became sort of a local celebrity, as the staff began discussing my garden railroad, and had to promise to send pictures of the layout when it was finished! :-)

Below are some pictures of the first test placement. As the pictures show, I have a full tray of perennials to spare, so I might have bought a little too much.

Planting overview 1

Planting overview 2

Planting overview 3

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