The ballast is an important part of the trackwork on a layout. Here are some different types of aquarium gravel tested on the layout, plus a couple of other options.

1. Rådasand, gravel 3-5mm:

Ballast 1

2. Akvastabil, gravel Leo 1-2mm:

Ballast 2

3. Imazo decor gravel Ohio 3-4mm:

Ballast 3

4. Eurosand Aquarium Deco Natural 1-4mm:

Ballast 4

5. Sifted clay soil from the garden, #5 - #10 mesh:

Ballast 5

6. Sifted subbus, #5 - #10 mesh:

Ballast 6

My experience is that sifted clay soil can absolutely not be recommended, as it simply disintegrates and washes away. The Akvastabil gravel Leo 1-2mm has also taken a beating in the rain, maybe it is just too small and lightweight. The other ballast types tested made it OK, so it pretty much boils down to one’s personal preferences.

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