When we bought our house back in 2011, we had lots of thoughts ideas about how we could use all the outdoor space. There were elaborate fantasies about everything from putting in a swimming pool, through lush flower beds and herb gardens, to more secluded private areas connected with walkways, wooden decking and slate. An hour-long walk with the lawn mower several times a week was not an option, and so a reduction of the lawn area was undisputable, but what should we have instead?

The answer came creeping in on us quite unexpectedly a spring day in 2012, when we made the trip to KrÄkstad for the small annual model railroad fair there. Kristian Svendsen and his company Livingsteam Gardenrailways had a great display at the fair, with large scale, R/C controlled trains running on real steam, now that was great and fascinating stuff! Kristian also proved to be an excellent salesman and smooth talker, and so we ended up ordering a small live steam engine from Roundhouse, a couple of car kits, a pack of tracks, some turnouts and rail joiners. The Reverend Creek Garden Railway was born!

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