I can't handle the summer heat, and a caravan without air conditioning is just like an oven. So I had to take the opportunity when, after a record-breaking June, the weather forecast finally reported lower temperatures, and took the caravan for a short trip, the first one in two years.

As it was just a short weekend trip, I didn't want to drive too far, and had spotted in advance several possible places I could park and free-camp for a day or two, but all the places within an hour's drive were occupied.

Except this, whose location shall remain unsaid. A lovely and shaded place on a small peninsula:

Overview of car and caravan parked on wooded headland with lake around

Just across the rocky knoll behind the caravan was a campfire with great views of the lake:

Picture of campfire overlooking the lake

A lovely place to relax!

I had planned some skinny dipping on Sunday morning, but unfortunately I woke to rain. As the weather forecast also reported even more rain throughout the day, I decided to pack up and go home, but I will return here as soon as possible!

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