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Maiden voyage to Elgå and Båtstø Camping - June 2018

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Båtstø camping

Freecamping in Ljørdalen - July 2018

As I grew up in Ljørdalen and later moved away, I naturally had to take a trip back home and test the caravan there. After some driving back and forth, I found a quiet place with no other tourists around and just next to the river Ljøra, and got the caravan set up just before 2300 in the evening. During my stay, I also got to test the sun shade:

Freecamping in Ljørdalen, caravan set up 1

Freecamping in Ljørdalen, caravan set up 2

Freecamping in Ljørdalen, looking north along the river Ljøra

Freecamping in Ljørdalen, testing the sun shade

Freecamping on the Venabygd Mountain - July 2018

Nothing much to say here, except that the bike was very useful on smaller trips, and the sunset was just beautiful:

Freecamping on the Venabygd mountain

Freecamping on the Venabygd mountain

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