The North Cape, or more specifically Knivskjellodden, has since long been on my bucket list, and on my 48th birthday I got to tick it off!

With just over 2100 km up to Magerøya, I spent 3 days driving up there and 3 days on the return trip, that left me with 2 days of sightseeing the island. On the next trip I will schedule minimum 4 days each direction, this was too much stress, but at least I have tried it.

Here are some pictures. The camera was in the backpack on the trip out to Knivskjellodden, so the first pictures were taken when the goal was reached:

The 2000 year cairn:

The 2000 year cairn

Yours truly proudly posing by the cairn with the North Cape plateau in the background, happily unknowing of the pain in my legs 3 hours later:

Me standing by the cairn with the North Cape plateau in the background

The north tip of Knivskjellodden:

The north tip of Knivskjellodden

The view to the southwest from Knivskjellodden:

The view to the southwest from Knivskjellodden

Here are some pics from the return trip:

The North Cape plateau seen from west

After the final descent towards Knivskjellodden, before the rocks

I came across several small herds of reindeer on the trip, and all the foreign tourists I met and talked to thought this was very exotic and exciting. The animals were clearly used to humans, but withdrew when I got too close, these were probably about 20-30 meters away:

A small herd of reindeer

North Cape seen from southwest, slightly less used viewing angle

From the plateau, looking north towards the final descent before Knivskjellodden

From the plateau

From the plateau, the North Cape plateau in the distance

From the plateau

From the plateau

I went to Knivskjellodden alone, but on the trail I cought up with a German couple, and we joined for the last stretch. Very nice people, we talked about this and that along the way, and since there were only the three of us on Knivskjellodden this morning, we helped each other take pictures (which explains my "selfie" at the cairn).

Unfortunately, the husband slipped on the rocks and broke his leg on the return trip, and was picked up by a rescue helicopter. I started the return trip a little earlier and saw the helicopter fly by, but thought it was on its way to pick up a French family who had decided to ride bicycles (!) To Knivskjellodden (2 adults and 2 smaller children, each on a mountain bike, what were they thinking?). I coincidentally met the wife at the campsite at Skarsvåg the next morning, right after my trip to Kirkeporten (the Church Gate), and she told me the sad news. Hope he is doing well!

Here are photos from Kirkeporten taken on Thursday morning:

The Church Gate shaded in the front, the North Cape with the North Cape Horn basking in the morning sun in the background

Very special rock formation near the Church Gate in the foreground shade, morning sun on the North Cape Horn in the background

The Church Gate up close

The people who have carved initials / names in the rock face here should be ashamed:

Close-up pic of the rock face at the Chuch Gate, with visible vandalism

With a little climbing one will find the place in the hillside where the North Cape Horn is shown through the middle of the Church Gate:

The North Cape Horn in the morning sun, viewed through the Church Gate

The North Cape Horn in the morning sun, viewed through the Church Gate and zoomed out for an overview picture

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