I was born in 1972, and got my first Märklin train set when I was around 7 years old. Model railroading has thus been a hobby for the major part of my life, and the old train set was nice to have whenever I felt the need to have a temporary setup. Over time I accumulated more Märklin stuff, but I never got around to building a permanent layout.

As I got older, I also got more interested in the Norwegian railroads and prototype, and eventually I sold all my Märklin and started from scratch with the 2-rail system and Norwegian models. I have always had a fascination for steam engines, and have centered my attention mainly around the mid- and post-war era up to around 1960.

Regarding preferred scale and gauge, HO normal gauge is naturally the major one based on my earlier experience. However, narrow gauge modelling has also become very interesting, and currently I'm playing with both H0e (H0n30) indoors and large scale garden railroading.

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